Tour de Doughnut – Day 2 Coast to Coast Charity Cycling Challenge for Make A Wish

Doughnuts Are A Cyclist’s Best Friend (and a tailwind)

Day 2 of the Coast to Coast Charity Cycling Challenge for Make A Wish. 112 miles cycled in 7 hours 35 minutes from Worcester to Peterborough.

5am. The alarm rudely sounded and immediately I could feel my body resisting and every muscle aching and begging to stay in bed. All day. All week. When you have cycled 100 miles over Welsh Mountains, your body naturally feels like you are taking the mickey when you suggest it has to do it again…oh and I forgot to mention it is over 100 miles today.
To add to the overall lethargy, the mind had forgotten that Worcester and home was not the finish.
So it took a good deal of willpower to get out the door at 6:30am and start cycling. Waving off my wife Rini and daughter Louisa is always hard.

It took a good hour to get into the rhythm, but I reached Stratford upon Avon after 25 miles for my first break. Stratford hold a special place in our hearts. We spent many happy afternoons having a picnic by the river with Louisa and Milla. Having lost Milla, it is always a poignant moment to return to where we were so happy together.

Onwards and up the Fosse Way, an old Roman road linking Stow and Leicester. I enjoyed breakfast number 2 at the excellent Hill Top Farm cafe.
And food became the theme of the day. I was hungry when I set off, still depleted from the day before. Energy bars, gels and the first of 3 doughnuts had been consumed already. Food. Keep eating. And I did.

The hills of Northamptonshire beckoned. A fortifying pasty and another doughnut in Market Harborough saw me up Dingley Hill, long, not steep, but the longest hill of the day.

Into Corby and a stop at my Dad’s house. But he wasn’t in (I knew he wouldn’t be, but popped in on the off chance). And the final 25 miles to Peterborough.

And then the wind picked up. A raging gale. Directly behind me. A delicious tailwind that pushed me all the way to Peterborough, cruising along at 22mph. Fantastic. More please.

So, I made it to my Mum’s in Peterborough. A long ambition to cycle from Worcester to Peterborough accomplished. No more doughnuts, but the biggest hug and a delicious slice or three of home made Weetabix bread and a well earned cup of tea. It is always great to be at my Mum’s.

But the incredible support from family, friends and strangers really kept me focussed and motivated. Over £900 raised. Amazing.

Tomorrow is a flat day but the wind is possibly not quite as helpful. Around 110 miles to Lowestoft.

And more doughnuts please.

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