How Can I Help? – Areas of Expertise

I can help you with these areas of English

General English

  • Conversational English
  • Confidence Building & overcoming shyness in speaking
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar Use
  • Pronunciation & Voice training
  • Understanding fast, fluent native level English
  • Accents, idiomatic language
  • Formal Vs Informal language

Academic English

  • Exam Preparation (Cambridge Exams; FCE / CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC)
  • Essay proof reading
  • Writing Structure & Correction
  • Interview preparation and practice

Business English Skills Development

  • Business English skills training
  • Presentation Skills
  • The Virtual / Online Meeting Room
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Interpersonal Skills & Social English
  • Business writing – proposals, analyses, assessments, reports etc.

Medical English

  • Medical English – I have experience of helping medical professionals prepare for the OET examination

Technical English

  • I have many years experience of teaching technical English, specifically to engineers and professionals in the oil and gas industry.
  • Understanding technical jargon, making yourself understood in the technical world
  • Career advancement through improved use of English

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