Tony Frobisher

Professional Language Training for Industry Professionals

Offering tailor made / industry specific English language training courses

Communication is the key to success

Training and Teaching to Business Professionals

Language Consultancy

– 1:1 indivdual and specialised training sessions

– English Language tuition on a personal needs basis.

– Course requirements via personalised needs analysis session (pre course)

– Industry specific training – use your English language skills more effectively in whichever industry you work, from medical to legal, engineering to transportation etc.

– Professional business skills training in English

Key Skills

  • Learn the skills you need in business and how to use English for maximum impact and get the results you want
  • Training and development
  • Interviewing and being interviewed
  • Presenting
  • Dealing with questions
  • Meetings Language
  • Negotiating
  • Social interaction / networking
  • Communication language skills
  • Managing people
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Logistic
  • Customer Service
  • Financial language
  • Academic language

Confidence Building

Overcome your nerves and learn how to be more effective and confident with your English in all situations – from business to travel, meeting people to attending conferences and presentations

Improve your English

  • Speak more fluently, with increased confidence.
  • Become a more accurate English speaker and writer with improved grammar.
  • Understand your colleagues and counterparts better, focus on listening skills (understanding the main ideas and identifying specific information.
  • Follow and understand fast, fluent native speakers or high level speakers of English.
  • Be able to participate in high level conversations.
  • Improve writing – make your reports stand out, communicate what you need to say, get the attention of your readers.
  • Online video skills
  • Media skills training

Course Fees

5 hours (5×1 hr sessions) – £425 / €500

10 hours (10×1 hr sessions) – £800 / €930

All courses include

  • Introductory pre-course online session 30 minutes (no additional cost)
  • Personalised needs analysis and objectives
  • Access to teacher for advice and language assistance for the duration of the course
  • Homework setting, marking, assessment and assistance
  • Initial report of level and language needs
  • Final full and detailed report on areas of strength and key areas to develop
  • Resources and information for future learning
  • Full 1 hour sessions of training / teaching via Zoom or Teams
  • Language coaching for upcoming presentations, conferences, meetings, interviews etc
  • Professional and available whenever needed