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Why should I learn English?

In a world where technology dominates, it may seem that today there is no need to learn a language. Let the power of Google Translate do the work. I even have a direct translate option on my website, so you can read everything in your own language.
However, there is still a real need for learning English.

Technology is good, true. But can it help in every situation you find yourself in? The business meeting with people from 6 different countries….presentations, discussions, reports, conferences, socialising over dinner….the Skype conference call…the phone call from your overseas HQ. You need English, the ability to listen, understand, communicate in English. Not a translation service on your phone, that has only 1% battery life left. HELP! Yes, English is your best help and best hope.

Travel anywhere in the world these days and unless you speak the language of the country you are in then you need a common language. And in 90% of countries that will be English. OK, OK…France and French speaking countries would no doubt prefer you to speak French. But, having been to France as a non French speaker, English is used widely. Similarly in Latin American countries. An ability to speak Spanish will go down very well. But…what, if like me, you are not a Spanish speaker. English again will get you out of a tricky situation.
Almost everywhere you go in the world you will find someone who can speak English, or who is learning English. There are currently around 1 billion learners of English worldwide and that is expected to double by 2020. Join the world’s biggest language club!

I have travelled in Iran, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and many many countries throughout Europe and the world. Whenever I had problems, if I was lost, if I couldn’t find the correct bus, train or my hotel, I was always helped by someone who spoke English. This was 20 years ago. Before Google Translate.

Today so many people have the freedom to move abroad to study and to work. Studying at a university in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia requires an ability to speak good English. If you have a good education, combined with excellent English skills, your opportunities of a great career of your choice are increased dramatically. Companies I have worked with over the years would actively choose new graduate employees not just on their engineering or architectural or management skill. They demanded a high level of English.

People choose to relocate abroad and work in different countries for many reasons; economic improvement, career development, a change of lifestyle and culture. I have lived and worked in Indonesia and Malaysia. I learnt the language, but I found I spoke English a lot with friends and colleagues, with people I met who were learning or just interested to practice English. If you are a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a management consultant, an accountant or an architect and wish to move overseas, English is a definite requirement.

Learning English is still a skill that opens doors – to education, to employment, to the world and to your personal development and success.

So, put down Google Translate and do something effective. Learn English with a teacher who knows how to help you improve your ability, maximize your confidence and achieve the best for you and your future.

Good luck!

Tony Frobisher



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